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It's amazing how much better a home, commercial space or a piece of land can look after Town and Country Hauling Services eliminates the trash and debris.

Vacant Lot Cleanup

Before - The Val Vista was Cleaned

After - the Val Vista was Cleaned by TCHS

lets talk junk hauling service
Before - Piles of Debris

arizona trash cleanup
Before - Abandoned Appliances

phoenix debris removal
Before - Dead, Thorny Branches

town and country hauling service
Before - Mounds of Concrete Rubble

Vacant Lot Cleanup After Town & Country Hauling Services

az junk removal

vacant lot clean up

lets talk junk empty land clean up

land clean up and junk removal

Remodeling Can Be a Very Dirty Job

arizona remodel clean up service

prescott junk removal and clean up

remodeling debris removal

Remodeling Project After Town & Country Hauling Services
Cleans Up the Mess

clean arizona yard

desert hills junk removal

trash hauling service

junk removal truck

landscape waste removal
Front Yard Full of Debris

landscape debris clean up
Like Magic the Front Yard Looks Great

arizona concrete break up
Breaking Up the Unwanted Concrete

lets talk junk clear unwanted concrete
Hauling the Concrete Away

after pool construction clean up
Backyard a Disaster and Unenjoyable?

scottsdale debris removal
Town & Country Can Clean It Up

phoenix alleyway clean up
Illegal Dumping Cleanup

arizona alleyway cleanup
Alleyway After

glendale alleyway junk removal
Another Junky Alleyway

arizona alleyway
WOW! Looks Great Now.

weed and brush removal
Removing Your Unwanted Debris
is Our Specialty

lets talk junk recycling
Yes, Town and Country Hauling Services Recycles!

Contact the Professionals in Junk Removal today for a free estimate or to schedule a pick-up, 623-465-1950 & 480-663-0222.

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